Barbara and a Dalek
Totter's Yard
Pacifying the mutant.
The Time War (double page illustration).
The first regeneration.
70s companions.
500 year old diary.
'Absence of monsters' infographic.
Autons mannequins.
City of Death.
The Cloister Room.
Cybermen icons.
Dalek portrait.
Dalek icons.
The Dark Tower.
The Doctor's Family Tree.
First Doctor's control room.
Location infographic.
Logopolis regeneration.
Unused - the Eighth/ Ninth Doctor regeneration that never happened.
Regeneration infographic.
Solar System infographic.
Sonic Screwdriver timeline.
Survival ending.
TARDIS props.
'This is Your Life'.
Time Lord Heirarchy infographic.
Trevor Martin.
Eighth Doctor in broken mirrors.
Third Doctor as Washerwoman.
'Welcome aboard' infographic.
Eleven Doctors.
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